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How is your company portrayed in the media? How is your company image on social media? Are you visible and relevant for your prospective target audience? It is essential in today’s digital landscape that your strategic communications, public relations, and marketing reinforces your company’s strategic mission, values, and corporate social responsibility.

In the digital world, your company needs to have a systematic approach on how to leverage all the communications mediums and portray your image in the best possible light. Your Corporate Communications plan needs to be comprehensive and entail, social media, press releases, distribution lists, crisis communications, key messages and all this has to be conveyed in One Voice. From an HR perspective, your employees need to be trained on the One Voice and know how to communicate consistently across the organization your key messages.

For Social Media

How many times a day are you posting? Do you have a process in place for creating content? Are your business leaders in the various departments involved in identifying what key messages need to go out? Are you boosting posts to get to the right demographic for your product or business? Did you set your boost parameters to properly identify your target audience?

Social media is crucial for your company’s success. This extends beyond great Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. You need to ensure your reviews on Google and employee reviews on GlassDoor and LinkedIn are being monitored and addressed in the One Voice with the key company messages.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Another aspect of great publicity is your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that shows to your audience how you enrich the community and world in which you operate. Your social media content, marketing campaigns, and press releases are much more effective when they aligned with Corporate Social Reasonability piece because it generates excitement around the causes that your company is promoting. This can be getting employees to join in relays to benefit cancer awareness and documenting the event with the professional footage. Employees are excited to participate, and the footage from the event can be used at your organization’s town halls and on social media to show how your team came together for a great cause, and again this reinforces why your company is a great place to work and the Culture of Success.

Culture for Success

A great Communications and Marketing Strategy is intertwined with Strategic Human Resources Planning and Development to create a Culture for Success that extends beyond the workplace but into the marketplace.


Whether you have a large communications team for a big company or a small company with only a single member or a couple members on your communications team, there is always room to identify where processes can be improved. For example, a large organization may struggle with managing all their social media accounts and ensuring the One Voice across the organization whereas a small organization may be struggling to build followers and generate enough content to post regularly.

We believe in assessing what you currently have in place and then working with you on priorities to build on your foundation.

Recognizing that capital resources can be challenging for organizations; our Communications experts can work with your organization to match your needs and resources so you can take steps to excel in the digital information based marketplace.

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