Software Quality Assurance

The full list of quality assurance and testing services of AGCP

  • Test Automation
    Manual testing makes sense for small projects, websites and applications, when you do not need to re-test 20+ pages/forms/screens every time when some significant or minor change is made. Test automation makes it easier to perform regression tests for medium and large projects. The effectiveness of automated testing is measured by means and time spent on writing and running automated tests in comparison to the resources spent on manual testing of the same routine procedures.
  • Functional Testing
    Does your web or mobile application work? Does it have 100% functionality working as expected? To answer these questions we have a well-trained team of professional quality assurance analysts. They will find every bug and help you to avoid miserable user experience.
  • Performance Testing
    With using powerful tools for performance, load, and stress testing (WebLOAD, Apache JMeter, etc) we will make sure your web-application is robust enough to resist high load.
  • Integration Testing
    Integration testing offers a methodical mechanism for assemblage a software project by performing tests to reveal bugs connected with compound system interfaces. We join the points and check how software parts operate in oneness.
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Data Testing
  • Specialised Audit
Apache Jmeter   Selenium   cucumber

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